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welcome to the Nature Baby Journal, a thoughtfully curated world of information for parents and parents to be. Inspiration, products and ideas that will nurture you, your baby and the environment.

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  1. garden scavenger hunt

    garden scavenger hunt

    We have put together a little printable activity to do with your little ones in the garden. Something to slow down and appreciate nature together.

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  2. first foods with boob to food

    first foods with boob to food

    Our friend Luka McCabe, registered nurse, midwife and nutrition consultant, shares with us her wisdom on navigating the tricky, exciting and confusing time of introducing your little one to food.

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  3. recipe: sunshine energising smoothie

    recipe: sunshine energising smoothie

    An energising smoothie that tastes like sunshine. The perfect healthy treat on hot days.

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  4. why organic? by greta van der star

    why organic? by greta van der star

    Our lovely friend Greta van der Star of General Sleep Store shares with us her thoughts on the importance of organic fibres against the skin.

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  5. fatherhood: nick morrison

    fatherhood: nick morrison

    In celebration of Father's Day this Sunday, our friend Nick Morrison, owner of Go Well Consulting, has shared with us a little of his tale of Fatherhood so far.

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  6. let's build a fort

    let's build a fort

    A favourite past time for little ones to dream and imagine. Our friends at Lunch Lady have shared with us an interesting article on why forts and dens are so beneficial to children's emotional development.

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  7. recipe: super seed crackers

    recipe: super seed crackers

    We love this simple, nutritious recipe to make your own Super Seed Cracker from our friends at Goodfor.

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  8. bedtime meditation

    bedtime meditation

    Tuck little one into bed with this lovely ritual of a guided meditation. Especially designed to get them ready into a state of relaxation before they enter the land of dreams.

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  9. nature baby playlist: the kids are alright vol. 1

    nature baby playlist: the kids are alright vol. 1

    We have put together a relaxed playlist, perfect for days stuck inside, or for when you need some calming tunes for the whole family to enjoy. These are happy and chill sounds for you and your little ones.

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