Onesies /

6-10 long and short sleeved bodysuits

Pants /

3-4 pairs of drawstring pants or footed rompers

Gowns /

3-6 sleeping gowns or stretch and grows

Vest /

1 woollen vest

Cardigans /

2 cardigans, one cotton and one woollen

booties /

2-4 pairs of socks or booties

Mittens /

1-2 pairs of scratch mittens

Bibs /

6-8 bibs

Hats /

2 hats, one cotton and one woollen

Bed /

1 bassinet or moses basket with mattress

Wraps /

6 muslin, cotton or merino wraps

Mattress protector /

1 woollen mattress protector

Sheets /

2-3 sets of bassinet sheets

Blankets /

2 blankets, one cotton and one woolen

Sleeping Bags /

1-2 sleeping bags

towel /

1 hooded bath towel

wipes /

12 reusable baby wipes

Massage oil /

1 baby massage oil

Bodywash /

1 baby bodywash

Balm /

1 baby bottom balm


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