why organic? by greta van der star

why organic? by greta van der star

This week is Organic Week Aotearoa. We are celebrating alongside other New Zealand owned organic businesses. We see it as the perfect time to champion the importance of organic production which is kinder on ourselves, our babies and our planet. Our lovely friend Greta van der Star of General Sleep Store shares with us her thoughts on the importance of organic fibres against the skin.

Why Organic? by Greta van der Star

Our skin is our biggest organ, and surprisingly absorbent. It’s the first barrier for our immune system and a direct path to our bloodstream. We’re aware of disruptive parabens and fragrances in our skincare routine, but what about the fabrics we choose to put against our skin? 

When it comes to sleep we’re spending 8 or more hours in our PJ’s and bedding, longer if you like to wind down before bed, or if spend the morning hoping for a shower! It’s an extended period of time for the skin to be in contact with a fibre. 

The pending transition to motherhood has brought about reflection in our home, on what we wear, eat, use for cooking and cleaning and the effect on this sensitive new human. What we use to clean sits in the dust to be inhaled, what we wear touches their skin as we feed and tote them around in a sling. It’s all being absorbed by this tiny new body.

When it comes to organic farming, the benefit is three-fold; the cotton for your garment is free from pesticides and fertilisers, reducing your contact with unknown toxins, the farmers aren’t exposed to harmful chemicals, and the soil has a better chance at maintaining its biodiversity and productivity. Organic crops use less water, as the soil is able to retain the moisture and don't need irrigation, a major cause for toxic runoff in regular sprayed cropped. 

We see organic cotton cultivation and the return to traditional farming practices as a step in the right direction for our future. It’s essential for the health of agricultural communities, the land and our waterways. As we navigate newfound ideas and research, it’s clear there is a change needed to make the world safer for everyone. 

Thank you so much Greta, we couldn't agree more, organic cotton, especially for long hours sleeping is the best! Be sure to look out for other organic NZ businesses like General Sleep Store, this week and going forward! You can follow along with Organic Week Aotearoa here xx Nb