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thoughtful food

Over the past two years we have come to know Sarah through her blog STIL, in her own words "her happy place of inspired living", where she shared her passion of organics, whole food, inspirational people and lifestyle tips. After a terrible bout of shingles in 2012 Sarah decided to make some serious lifestyle changes. With the creation of her blog Sarah was able to spend many hours researching and learning the best foods, ingredients and keys to success for a happy, healthy family.

How have smoothies changed your life?
They are part of a whole package to me. They represent more than just a bottle of liquid that I drink. When I have one of my smoothies, I feel like I am respecting my body as the amazing machine it is, and by doing so, it respects me back.
Combined with the affirmations I personally created for each blend, it really is thoughtful food!

What was behind your passion for starting your smoothie company Green Leaf Organics?
My little girl Stella! I am so passionate about providing her with the very best nourishment, as well as myself, especially during these early years. Smoothies are such an amazing way to get nutrient dense goodies into kids that they otherwise wouldn't sit down to eat off a plate.
I felt that there were so many smoothie and juice options out there for adults but the kids were being left out, and that seemed crazy as kids just love them!

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Favourite superfood for mums during  pregnancy  and after:
Hands down, Spirulina. It is one of the highest plant sources of iron which is so vital to new mums. It has even shown in studies to help with milk production. Our jade smoothie is the perfect blend for getting your delicious dose of this green wonderfood!

How do you find balance in your busy life?
It’s been a little challenging lately, with the launch of the business, but, we are really lucky to live right by Cornwall Park, so a good stomp through there brings me back to an equal balance. Once I am in my rhythm again, I’ll be back to my regular meditation and yoga too.

Most surprising thing about becoming a Mum?
That I’m more patient that I ever thought could be possible! What once would have blown me though the roof, now, I realise, being a mum puts so many things into perspective.
Squashed banana on my freshly washed jeans? No dramas, I just am more chilled about the little things these days…my husband might say different!

Things that will never be the same again since having a child?
Leaving the house, sleep and spontaneity!

Baby product you couldn't live without?
Green Monkey Organic baby food.

Best and most realistic advice you would give to a new mother?
Step back and don't sweat the small stuff.

Dreams for your child?
Oh wow. I wouldn’t want to put the pressure of my dreams onto her. I just want her to discover how powerful she is really early on. That she can do whatever she wants. I think we all know this deep down, but the sooner we come to accept it and work with it, then the real magic happens!

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