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Our friends from Artemis share with us the benefits of their natural medicine solutions, and ways to combat winter sickness, as well as the importance of high quality natural ingredients.

On natural medicine, by Artemis.

Artemis was founded by Swiss Medical Herbalist, Sandra Clair... 
When she moved to Dunedin from Switzerland, she couldn't find the traditional plant remedies she would normally prescribe her clients. What was readily available and heavily used in her homeland simply did not exist in New Zealand. She started making medicinal teas, creams, oils and herbal tinctures for her clients. Soon, the word spread and people were going into local health stores asking for 'Sandra Clair's remedies'. Realising the demand was more wide-spread than just her clients, Sandra put her entrepreneur hat on and started making and selling her remedies.  She named her company 'Artemis', after the Greek goddess of the wilderness, protector of women and children. Like the goddess, Artemis offers healing herbs to those in need. 20 years later and Artemis leads traditional plant medicine in New Zealand. The reputation of the efficacy of these remedies has been instrumental in Artemis becoming one of New Zealand's leading natural healthcare companies. 

Plant medicines form a valuable and natural treatment option for babies and children...
With centuries of use, most traditional medicines used today are safe and effective. They are well tolerated by the body, and most importantly, with minimal side effects. Kids are not just small adults - their bodies actually work quite differently - so their medicines need to be formulated with specific needs, and safety, in mind. When using plant medicine, always ensure you're using a reputable brand under the guidance of a health practitioner.

One of the great things about medicinal plants... 
Is that you can use them together to create formulas that target symptoms, support improved health and promote prevention, all of this from one formula!  Unfortunately, children do get sick - it's how their immune systems develop. Keep a natural remedy handy because the sooner you can get onto it, the quicker they’ll get better. To boost immunity and support a healthy immune response, Echinacea, Thyme and Elderflower are great choices. To target a tight chest or cough, Marshmallow root, Mullein and Plantain are excellent choices. Additionally, sleep is very important as that is when your body heals, so calming medicinal plants like Licorice, Lavender and Californian Poppy can be helpful.  With children, an effective dose is little and often. 

Prevention is the best cure for winter colds and flus...
We recommend a daily dose of immune-boosting medicinal plants to enhance immune function and the body's own defences for fighting off cold symptoms. If your little one seems to catch everything that does the rounds, have a chat with a medical herbalist or naturopath and see if their immune system needs some targeted support.

For us, the way the plants are grown and harvested is of utmost importance...
Sourcing organic ensures pure and healthy plants, high in active constituents. It also means plants are grown sustainably, causing minimal harm to our precious environment. We only use therapeutic-grade plants from the latest harvest, for purity, safety and efficacy. But it’s not just about the individual plants; how they are combined is just as important. Sandra Clair, with over 30 years’ experience as a Medical Herbalist and Health Researcher, formulates all Artemis products. And all the medicinal plants we use comply with European Pharmacopoeia standards, which means they have proven safety profiles. At Artemis, we believe safety and quality go hand-in-hand. 

Thank you so much to the team at Artemis for sharing all of this wonderful information with us, we hope this helps to navigate winter sickness for you and the whole family xx Nb