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a walk in grey lynn

Grey Lynn has been the home of Nature Baby's flagship store since it first started in 1998, the company was started by owners Jacob and Georgia searching for organic and environmentally friendly alternatives for their first baby 14 years ago. Over the years they have seen Grey Lynn evolve into a hub of like-minded businesses committing to green business principals, and may it continue to grow!

Last Thursday Nature Baby was lucky to be part of the Grey Lynn Sustainable Business walk, organised by the Grey Lynn Business Association. The event was a walking tour of local Grey Lynn businesses that are practicing or committed to incorporating sustainable processes within their companies. It was great to hear owners sharing their thoughts, passion and experiences of how they have integrated green business practices and where they are hoping to move to in the future.

The talks were inspiring and thought provoking and it was a great opportunity for like-minded individuals to connect personally and professionally. It's great to be part of a community passionate and conscious about the decisions they make as individuals and as businesses.

Thank you to everyone who was involved:

Bread and Butter Bakery Cafe

Wilton Picnic Patch

All Good Organics

Kokako Coffee Roastery

Wendyl Nissen

Rogue Society

Grey Lynn Business Association

and thank you to Josh Griggs for the great photos of the Journey! nb x

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