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motherhood: mimi gilmour buckley

The amazing Mimi Gilmour Buckley, mama to Olympia, wife to Stephen and CEO of Burger Burger chatted to us about her journey of motherhood, the challenges she has faced, and words of advice to other working mamas.

My perfect little family includes myself, Mimi, Creative CEO of our business Burger Burger...

my husband Stephen – Commercial CEO of Burger Burger & our beautiful little Bebe Olympia.  Olympia was born with a significant brain injury – They don’t know what caused it & it was the hardest time of our lives… but now we are stronger and more in love than ever with our beautiful little, sassy, determined little girl who has shown the universe who’s boss! 

We live in Ponsonby… We LOVE our neighborhood… our favourite spots include Ripe (EVERYTHING is delicious), Cox’s Bay playground & a cheeky visit to Nature Baby! 

I had a perfect pregnancy & at the very last minute it fell apart...

The hardest part of learning about Olympias brain injury was that they had no idea what caused it… that it was a freak accident of nature. Both Stephen & I are total control freaks so to be faced with something that we loved more than everything & be told that there were no immediate answers was so confronting. Ultimately I woke up one day & said to myself ‘You need to stop wasting your energy on things you cannot change & start investing it in the things I can’

I have learnt to be more present in the day, I stopped sweating the small stuff, stopped comparing her or our situation to anyone else & started doing what I do best.. being creative & finding all the possible ways we could help her brain grow! 


So many special people that have influenced my role as Olympias mama...

My own Mama taught me how you can love generously. Stephens Mama has the patience of an angel.  My cousin Eden has lived with us for the past year & supported our family with her cheeky sense of humor and humility. My sister is my rock when the world gets a bit much for me & we have two other support carers that not only nurture Olympia but have provided invaluable support for our family.  Then there are all our other family members & friends who continue to support us with all the love they have.  We would not have got to where we are without them – I am forever grateful. 

Spending time with the people we love most over a shared meal is our absolute favourite thing to do…

that & walks to the park to go on the swing! We are also looking forward to swimming this summer – Olympia loves the water. 

Most mornings I exercise at 6 & then when I get home I have cuddles with my schmoochi (Olympia) before waking & popping her into bed with her daddy where they sing their special songs to each other.  Other than that Olympia is OBSESSED with the wiggles & is allowed to watch it for an hour before she goes to bed… stops her from being grumpy!

Our next dream is to build the team with a brother or sister & Mama is trying to convince Daddy that Olympia needs a therapy puppy! We are also always looking for new and better  ways for Olympia to learn and grow.  



My family has always shared our lives around a dinner table filled with love, laughter & a few tears...

I feel it is more important than ever now that we protect this time away from technology. Burger Burger came from a dream to create a restaurant that provided delicious, reasonably valued, quality fresh food served to you by passionate young kiwis.  We also wanted somewhere you could get an epic burger, cold beer & the best shakes in town! 

My favourite part about my job is our people & the freedom to be creative everyday.  It is a privilege to create a business and to have the support of your team, and all my personal support, to realise our dreams. 

My favourite Burger Burger burger is hands down the beef & cheese MR. It’s spiritual. & the broccoli!

My best piece of advice for budding entrepreneurial mamas out there is don’t EVER feel guilty...

it is a total waste of time. Your bubba will be best when you are your best so throw yourself into your business like you throw your heart into being a mama. Both a bumpy roads where you will have many wins & a few failures… but that is what will make you stronger. Most of all make sure you look after yourself... Being a entrepreneurial mama is busy & tiring but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

A day in the life 

I LIVE… It a beautiful cottage in Ponsonby with our newly planted summer vege garden!


I’M LISTENING TO… whatever Olympia is listening to – her current favorites include Otis Redding, Al Green & Drake

MY WEEKENDS START WITH… A big walk in the sunshine, a visit to the park & brunch with our besties 

ONE ITEM I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IS… DELICIOUS FOOD, family & friends to share it with & good wine 

Must have baby essentials?

NB Pure Baby Oil, any cute as hell print from NB’s latest collection & her dusty pink NB slippers


Thank you so much Mimi for sharing your story and inspiring words of wisdom with us! xx Nb