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motherhood: jemma clayton

Mama to four, Jemma Clayton chats to us about her journey of parenthood.  Jemma has worked with us at Nature Baby over the last five years in between having her youngest two babes.  She shares some words of wisdom of the challenges and experiences she has faced as a mama.

I’m a stay at home Mumma and work part-time at Nature Baby at their beautiful GL store...

I am married to the love of my life and together we share four beautiful children; Isla (9 y/o), Walter (6 y/o), Bo (3 y/o) and Luka (1 y/o).

Home is in Titirangi, we moved in with my Dad after 9 years of renting, he is travelling Europe at the moment with my little sister so we were house sitting and then he’s kindly offered to let us stay longer hopefully so we’re eventually able to purchase a house! It is magical here, we are surrounded by bush and native birds, the kids love it.

Love goes a long way and so cliche but don’t sweat the small stuff...

Take it one day at a time, tomorrow is always another day! And if you have a newborn then sleep during the day while they nap as it makes the night feeds much more bearable.


The most challenging experience since becoming a parent....

Was when our son Walter was diagnosed with autism, he literally never slept, would scream and cry, whinge most of the day and had a terrible and limited diet. Thankfully he has come such a long way since then, he is still “non-verbal” but this is developing nicely, it was a very challenging time for us and our relationship, stress levels, financially as I had to stop working to care for him but it was all probably a lot more challenging for Walter and him being the centre of our focus is probably what helped us through the tough times, it wasn’t about us.

I definitely don’t take our family’s good health or any of our good fortunes for granted...

I really appreciate the little things in life, I will stop and smell the flowers or admire what’s around me everyday. You have to.

We read to the kids each night before bed, after baths or showers we sit together and share an adventure or a lesson through the different stories. It is the perfect way to unwind and finish off the day.

I have finally learnt that happy Mum equals happy family, I take iron supplements that really help me so I don’t feel so fatigued, I exercise for 30 mins each day and get out in the fresh air whenever I can. I eat good wholesome foods and try to go to bed early.

It will always be a juggle but I try to make all aspects positive, Luther works during the week and I work weekends which I love, it is that break away I need.

We don’t take each other too seriously and have raised the kids to “take a joke”...

It's actually one of our family rules. Life is too short not to have a laugh.


A day in the life

I LIVE… in the moment

I AM CURRENTLY READING…Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (to Isla)

I’M LISTENING TO…The Eagles, NWA, Diana Ross and The Supremes, Frank Ocean..

My WEEKENDS START WITH…the kids waking me up for snuggles

ONE ITEM I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT…Peanut Butter Whittakers chocolate

Must have baby essentials...

Nature Baby sleeping gown (cotton or merino I have used both) - so incredibly easy for night time changes!

Nature Baby cotton mittens, all of our babes were born with long delicate fingernails and I was too scared to trim them while they were so fresh out the womb so these were so handy.

Nature Baby cotton wrap, perfect for swaddling little ones and so versatile, the cotton is so lovely, soft and stretchy.

Goldi pacifiers a serious life changer, helps settle their tums if they have reflux or helps keep them quiet during car rides…

Nature Baby products have gone through not only all four of our children but they have also been worn and used by our family and friends, that is what I love about the products, they’re so special and beautiful and deserve to be shared and celebrated like that.

 Thank you Jemma for sharing your special journey with us, we love having you as part of our NB family xx