essentials for breastfeeding mamas

essentials for breastfeeding mamas

In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, we have collated a list of our favourite essentials to help make breastfeeding a calm and comfortable experience for you and your little one.

1. Breast pads 

It is completely normal for breasts to leak a little between feeds, so we recommend using breast pads to protect your clothes. They will keep the breast area warm and dry, preventing milk congestion or any infections. We recommend using reusable breast pads, they are kinder to our planet as well as being a more economic option than disposables that you are constantly needing to replace. Reusable breast pads can be easily washed in the machine.

There are different types of reusable breast pads to meet different needs or preferences, for example at Nature Baby we sell two different types:

Organic cotton & bamboo– very soft, gentle and non-irritating, especially good for those with sensitive skin or a wool allergy. Easy to wear and to care for. 

Silk & wool– merino wool on the outside, with 100% silk on the inside (against the skin). With antibacterial properties, and more absorbent than cotton so can be worn for longer periods of time. 

2. Nipple cream

We suggest using a natural nipple cream or balm, so that is gentle against your skin and safe to use for breastfeeding (you don’t want to have to remove it before little one feeds!). Having something soothing, protecting and moisturizing will make your time breastfeeding a lot more enjoyable.

Our two favourites are:

Nature Baby Mum’s Butter– 100% shea butter, with nothing else added in. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, the shea butter will improve circulation and blood flow facilitating the healing of damaged skin. 

Purelan– 100% lanolin. Soothing, natural and hypoallergenic. Helps your body’s natural barrier properties and moisture balancing.

3. Burp cloths

After feeding you’ll want to cover your shoulder when burping your little one, protecting for any spills. Things like nappy squares or muslin wraps are multipurpose and can be used for this too, or we have burp cloths that are designed especially to provide good coverage over the shoulder for burping.

4. Shade for baby

If breastfeeding when out and about, it can be good to have something on hand to create a bit of shade for baby, or if you are after a little more privacy when feeding. Muslin wraps are great for this as they’re generously sized, airy and breathable.

 5. A comfortable spot for feeds 

We recommend ensuring you have a comfortable environment to spend time feeding. You’ll want a good chair that is supportive and easy to get in and out of, and could also look to use a nursing pillow for added support for your back, shoulders and arms while breastfeeding.

When feeding baby in the night, we recommend creating a comfortable, cosy spot; maybe a warm blanket to cover your knees or snuggle up in, and some dim lighting – even a nightlight can do the trick! 

6. Clothes for easy nursing

To make it simple and easy to feed little one, it always helps to have clothing that accommodates, especially when you’re on the go. There are maternity brands that design especially for easy nursing, but any tops or dresses with an opening at the chest can work; we have our organic cotton maternity tee with button opening. 

7. Nourishing snacks

It is important to look after yourself when breastfeeding, getting all the nutrients you need to keep your energy levels up. We’ve got lots of recipes on our journal for healthy food like smoothies to make at home, or try Franjo’s biscuits or a breastfeeding tea– healthy, nourishing and yummy too!


We hope this this little list has helped when you are navigating your feeding routine. xx Nb