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a summer slumber: top tips for summer sleeping

Warm summer days usually mean hot sticky nights which can be difficult for little ones to get settled for sleep. To avoid all that tossing & turning, we have put together some summer sleeping tips to help your little one into a relaxing slumber.

Muslin: As the seasons change, it can be so difficult to know what your little one should be sleeping in. Soft and breathable muslin is our top pick for a summer fabric, it allows ventilation, absorbs body moisture and keeps baby cool but lightly covered. For warm nights and summer day sleeps, our organic muslin sleeping bag is the perfect lightweight and breathable layer, and the Dreamlands Blanket or muslin wraps are lovely summer blanket and swaddling options. 

Organic cotton sleepwear: Even in the warmer months, it’s important to still have little one covered in at least one layer, especially as temperatures can vary throughout the night. We often get asked if cotton will be too warm for summer months, but this is definitely not the case. Organic cotton ensures no chemicals or synthetics are used in the production of the garment, meaning that the fabric is in its most natural state, allowing for optimal comfort and breathability. See our range of organic cotton gowns, all in ones, and 2 piece pyjamas for little one to sleep in.

A tepid bath before bedtime: Whether it’s a day sleep or at night, running a tepid bath for baby to cool their body temperature down will help them calm, re-set and relax from a hot sticky day. They will also love the soothing sensation of the water.

Bedroom ventilation: Opening up the windows to allow airflow through the room will really help to cool their bedroom down and allow some fresh summer air through. Pop a mosquito net over little one’s cot if you’ll be keeping any windows open, or just air the room through the day and close windows once it’s baby’s bedtime.

Sleep on natural fibres: We highly recommend using a natural mattress and mattress protector, rather than plastic or foam. Sleeping baby on natural fibers ensures that air can circulate through the mattress, while remaining insulating through the night, instead of trapping heat or creating moisture.  Nothing beats the superiority of wool for absorbing body moisture and regulating body temperature, and our natural latex mattresses have ventilation holes throughout to create the same effect.

We hope these tips help your little ones have cool and restful sleeps on these hot summer days! xx Nb