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nesting time

In their first few weeks and months, baby will spend much of their time sleeping. It can be an exciting (and sometimes daunting) task to set up your little one's sleeping environment, whether this be in your room or in their own nursery. We have put together some of our favourite nursery essentials to help you create the perfect natural set-up for your baby:



1. A moses basket makes a simple and natural first bed for your baby. Made from sturdy natural paper rope. Easily transportable to different parts of the house or when you are away from home, your baby will always have their own snug bed wherever they go.

2. Once baby has out grown the moses basket, a cot is the next step. We recommend one made from sustainable and high quality wood with 100% non-toxic and food safe materials + finishes. It is also a practical idea to choose one that converts to a toddler bed.

3. Next the mattress. Natural fibres are soft and breathable, and will draw away any body moisture, helping little one maintain an even body temperature. So a woollen or natural latex mattress is the perfect choice.

4. We suggest using organic woollen protectors to keep mattresses in perfect condition, while allowing air to flow through the mattress effectively.

5. The purest natural sheets available in a luxuriously soft, fine and breathable organic jersey knit fabric.

6. Layer up with our range of soft organic cotton and merino blankets. Blankets are the perfect item to celebrate new life, baby will love being wrapped and tucked up in a warm blanket.

7. Once baby has grown out of being swaddled a sleeping bag is a great next step. Ensure baby will stay warm and comfortable throughout the night. Designed to provide the ultimate sleeping experience for baby, while still proving to be practical. No more wriggling out of the blankets ensuring a better night’s sleep for the whole family.

8. A night light has a lovely soft glow for night time feeds and can continue to be used as your little one grows, creating a comforting glow though the night.

9. Daily massage with baby is the perfect evening wind down and bonding ritual, use a natural massage oil to settle your little one for sleep. Finish with cuddles and a classic bedtime story or lullaby.

10. Then its time for the final touches, some favourite story books, a mobile (try hanging it over the change mat for nappy change distraction or entertainment), and of course a few lovely soft toys and cushions made with natural fibres and ideally filled with wool. Little wooden ornaments can create magical mini worlds to excite their imagination and to treasure.

Home sweet home x nb