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georgia faull: top 5 essentials for mum

Being a mum is a wonderful and exciting time, but we understand it can sometimes be a little overwhelming with everyone’s opinions, recommendations and suggestions on what you need and don’t need. At Nature Baby, we believe in keeping it simple -  so having a few quality everyday essentials to support you and your baby. We’ve asked Nature Baby founder and mum of three, Georgia Faull, for her favourite essentials to help you prepare for your little one’s arrival and get you through those first few weeks and months.

1. Mums Butter – During my pregnancy, the shea butter was wonderful for softening and hydrating my skin. It’s packed with all the good vitamins E, A and F, so I was using it during my pregnancy and post birth as a breast care cream. I love it so much, I am now using as a daily moisturising cream for my lips and hands.

2. Nursing Pillow – I found these pillows extremely helpful in getting my little one into a good nursing position so I could feed comfortably. A tiny baby is surprisingly heavy to hold, so it helped take weight off my arms and back, so I could actually enjoy feeding time with my daughter. We decided to make a Nature Baby organic cotton nursing pillow, as we found others weren’t very comfortable and wanted to offer mums the best quality product and help to make the experience easier. The Nature Baby nursing pillow is available in store only.

3. Belly Stretch Oil – I always felt so special using this oil, it contains a lovely collection of natural ingredients and so much nicer than your average moisturiser. I would use this after my shower as it was softening on my skin and absorbed really easily – and the smell is amazing! It was especially great towards the end of my pregnancy when my skin was feeling quite irritated and tight. One of the things I really love about this oil, is that it doesn’t have that greasy feel and rubs in to the skin nicely.

4. Burp Cloths – These are one of the most useful (essential!) items you will need for when baby arrives. With my first baby, I learnt quickly that littles can make a lot of mess around meal time, so I always had a couple on hand for click clean up and preventing spills down my top. I also found these great for when someone else is holding your baby – just for any of those little accidents. You will want burp cloths the generously cover your shoulders and are of course super soft against your little ones face.

5. Organic Muslin Cotton Wipes – I love the softness and breathability of a muslin fabric. These are another must have which I carried with me everywhere. They are so soft and gentle, so I would use for getting into all those little places like ears and eyes. I found these particularly useful for teething, which can be a tough time for little ones. They also make a great face cloth for mum too!

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We hope these top essentials come in handy for you and your baby and if a first time mum, help you prepare for littles one’s arrival. 

Thanks for sharing all these great tips Georgia xx