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santa baby

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes St. Nic would soon be there.

The ritual of leaving a Christmas Stocking out for Santa can be started from a young age. A lovely tradition often involving a snack for Santa and the reindeer on Christmas Eve and not to mention an over flowing stocking full of goodies for your little one.


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Sleep is often a tricky issue for mum, dad and baby in the first few months, so anything that helps baby to sleep soundly is a great idea - wraps for swaddling, slings for baby-wearing to settle and aid sleep, pacifiers for babies with a strong sucking reflex.

Soft toys like Bonny Bunny and the Keptin Jr range can become a comforting friend to cuddle and chew. Mum can wear or sleep with the toy and the fabric will take on her scent for added comfort.

Massage oil used in an after bath massage is a lovely addition to your evening routine, it can become a wonderful bonding ritual.

A super cute Christmas day outfit is always a nice way to start this special day. We love the Voile Poppy Suit for a little girl, and the Henley Singlet Suit for a boy.

In the first 6 months your baby will develop the ability to grasp, toys which are easy and tactile to pick up and hold like the Rondello Rattle are great.

A few other suggestions: willow rattle, Sophie Giraffe, bodysuits, singlets.


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Around six months your little one will develop strength in his/her neck and be able to hold his/her head up, so toys that encourage rolling and tummy time are ideal, the Hugg a Planet is a favourite

With all this physical activity baby will need some soft comfy clothes; organic cotton bodysuits, drawstring pants or footed rompers are an ideal combo for wiggling and exploring.

In the next six months your little one will start eating solids, bibs and feeding sets are the perfect way to prepare.

Your little one may also be teething, the ever popular natural rubber Sophie Giraffe is always a favourite and amber teething beads are practical and a gorgeous accessory to treasure.

A few other suggestions: duck bath toy, Keptin Jr wash gloves, wooden teething peg.


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Around one year your little one will start taking his/her first steps, a wooden trolley can aid these steps and encourage practice too.

Shoes like Toms and soft soled Saltwater Sandals protect your toddlers’ feet outdoors.

Reading to your little one is so important and books which build their library are a great gift. We love The Hungry Caterpillar, Hairy McClairy and Two Little Bugs.

Nothing encourages a child’s imagination and creativity and their fine and gross motor skills, like classic building blocks.

Shape sorter and the wooden hammering board create a challenge that with practise they can master, developing problem solving skills and giving a sense of accomplishment.

Transform your little one’s bath into a pool of delights with a basket full of water-friendly bath toys. As toddlers get older, their bath time friends will be an outlet for pretend play and other imagination-driven adventures. We love the floating duck, branch raft and Keptin Jr wash gloves and stacking cups.

What toddler doesn't love making a bit of noise? If you are brave enough, a drum or xylophone will create hours of fun.

A few other suggestions: soft play hippo, crayons, rainbow stacking tower.