make your own dried orange garland

make your own dried orange garland

Here is a beautiful and simple method to make your own natural Christmas decorations at home this festive season. The traditional dried orange garland smells beautiful and adds a touch of cheer to your tree or around your home at Christmastime.  

You will need…
4-6 (or more) small organic oranges
A sharp knife or a mandolin
Paper towels
Baking paper
Thick dull needle
Jute string


1. Turn your oven on to fan bake at 180°c 
2. Line two trays with baking paper
3. Slice your oranges into thin pieces, with the segments meeting the middle so they form a lovely star shape. Discard the ends with mostly pith and rind.
4. Pat the oranges with lots of paper towels so soak up as much moisture as you can.
5. Arrange oranges on the trays and pop into the oven for 6-8 hours+. Take the oranges out once hard, if they are still soft and bendy they will need more time.
6. Leave to cool
7. Once cooled, thread the jute string through your oranges. In any way you would like.
8. Arrange as many as you like onto the length of string for a garland, or you could thread a smaller piece through one piece and tie into a circle as a decoration to hang on the tree.

The oranges will last for the month of December, they also make for a very tasty natural treat!
We hope you enjoy the special moments of getting crafty with your little ones this Christmas. Nb x