family activities: halloween ideas

family activities: halloween ideas

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Halloween traditionally is a time to remember old souls. Like it or loath it, it is a fun time of year to get dressed up or add some Halloween fun to your house or bedroom with your little ones.

Here is a little activity to help you decorate.

To make a woolen cobweb you will need:
two twigs
a spider (or what ever creature you like)

First cross the two twigs, making a X, then wrap wool around the the middle intersection to secure them together.

Then continue in a circle direction, out from the centre, wrapping the wool around each twig as you go. This doesn't have to be perfect, so get your little one to have a go.

When you get close to the edge hold the wool tight and get your little one to cut the wool. You can then tie a knot to secure the cobweb and trim any excess.

Attach your spider and place your cobweb inside or out as a decoration for the evening. You could also play with different colour wool like orange and black to give your cobweb a Halloween twist.

Have fun x