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a family activity to bring a little nature in doors

Spring is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy some exploring with your little one. Start by lazying under a tree on a blanket or play mat, watching the clouds, trees and leaves move. Turn your baby over and let them explore the grass and leaves. As the exploration evolves into a ramble (especially with older children) collect some items of interest, sticks, pinecones, pumice, pebbles, shells, anything interesting that catches your eye. We focused on sticks.

A fun way to bring nature in doors is using your finds to create a mobile, mobiles have a similar mesmerising quality to the gentle sway of clouds and leaves. Older children can help you make this, it could be a great gift from an older sibling to a new baby. You could paint the sticks for colour, add shells or any other items you love, you can be as creative as you want.

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To make the mobile you will need:
Hook to put in the ceiling
Sticks or other natural finds
Paint and brushes – if you want to paint the sticks
Nylon or cotton thread

If you or your little one want to paint the sticks, do this first and allow them to completely dry. We found some sticks covered in a bright yellow moss which we decided to use.

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Because mobiles are about interesting arrangements of weight, the easiest way to construct it is to put your hook in the ceiling were you want to hang the mobile.

Once your hook is secure attach one end of your thread to the hook. Nylon thread will make the sticks look like they are suspended in space. Cotton twine or thread is another option for a slightly different look.

Tie the longest stick to this hanging thread. Hanging the sticks is a job for an adult, but get your little one to direct you.

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Then tie a new length of thread to the top stick.

Tie the second stick to this thread, playing with the arrangement of weight to create interesting shapes.

Carry on in this way until it looks just how you want it. (you can play with the lengths of thread)

As the mobile dances and sways it will become a lovely reminder of a fun family explore, a great activity that brings a little nature in doors. x