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kokako single origin decaf coffee

Kōkako Coffee Roasters shares with us a little bit about their newest single origin decaf. The perfect drink for new and pregnant mamas to enjoy their daily ritual of a cup of coffee (without the caffeine!).

On Kōkako Single Origin Decaf- by Kōkako 

When you fall pregnant, whether it be the first time, or the third (or the fifth!) you’re quickly reminded of life’s little pleasures that are off limits. Coffee is one of the first to hustle its way onto the list, and up to the top, and if you love the taste (or the ritual) it can be really hard to say goodbye for 9 months. However there is a replacement, it's called decaf and still technically coffee but more often than not it’s in that crumpled bag, stuffed under the counter, kept ‘fresh’ with a bulldog clip and it falls short in the taste department.

This past year, one of Kōkako Organic Coffee Roaster’s resolutions was to debunk the ‘death by decaf’ myth and they have been working with the Swiss Water Decaf factory in Vancouver to find some truely delicious Single Origin Decaf beans to champion. In the world of coffee ‘Single Origin’ means that all the beans are sourced from one country and this time they found them in Peru. 

These Peruvian beans are grown in the same way all of Kōkako’s specialty coffee beans are grown, at a high altitude and using organic farming practices. They then head to the Swiss Water factory to be decaffeinated. The Swiss Water method keeps the integrity of the beans and delicate flavours intact but mostly importantly the process used is 100% chemical-free - because what you leave in is just as important as what you take out. The green (unroasted) beans are submerged in pure Canadian water which gently removes the caffeine until the beans become 99.9% caffeine-free. Once this process is finished the beans are shipped to Kōkako’s roastery in Mt Eden, Auckland where their team roast them to taste delicious in both espresso and filter methods.

Thanks so much to our friends at Kōkako for sharing with us, you can purchase some of their delicious decaf online here. xx Nb