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a tale of christmas from canada: christina loewen

Christina Loewen shares with us her tale of cosy Christmas cheer from the chilly Canadian winter. As well as the traditions and plans she has for Christmas with her two little girls for the holiday season. 

Tell us about a Christmas in Canada...
Christmas is very cold in British Columbia but that doesn’t stop any of the Christmas festivities. Our town comes alive during the holidays with celebrations and activities every week like ice skating, Christmas light displays, skiing, tobogganing, and bonfires. One thing I love about Christmas in this season is the slow and cozy vibe it brings. With snow on the ground and a chill in the air, people tend to slow down and soak in the holidays. 

On Christmas traditions...
On December 1st we have a “decorating party” where we haul out all of our Christmas decorations and eat cookies and listen to Christmas music while we decorate our home. We also have a Christmas baking day every year where we bake all of our favourite holiday treats!

Carols...yes or no?
Yes, of course!

Your plans for Christmas Eve/ Day?
This year we are spending it with our whole family at our home. Everyone is coming for dinner, secret santa, and Christmas movies.


Your Christmas menu?
We like to do a traditional Christmas dinner and a vegan version in our family. We usually do turkey, stuffing, scalloped potatoes, yams, and roasted greens.

The number one thing on your Christmas wish list?
My number one item is an espresso machine because… kids.

Do you have a Christmas tree in your house and any rituals that go along with it?
Yes we do! We set it up on the first of December while listening to Christmas music and eating cookies. Each year we buy one or two really special ornaments so each ornament on our tree is full of love and memories.



Any message to other parents or new parents for Christmas?
As an adult, it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of the holidays. I mean, there’s just so much to do/buy! However, try to remember that this is a very special time for kids so slow down, be present, and make some magic together! 

A special gift you’ll be wrapping up for your little one this year?
We bought a nice wooden easel loaded with paint, chalk, and colours for them this year. My oldest daughter has a love for art that we want to nurture!

Your favourite Christmas film?
My favourite Christmas movie is Love Actually.

Thank you Christina for sharing your magical tales of Christmas! Wishing you and your family peace, love and joy this Christmas xx Nb