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multipurpose muslin wraps

An essential for any new parent, muslin wraps are the best multipurpose item to have on hand with a little one. Made from soft and breathable organic cotton fibres, woven into a generously sized square. Each of our muslins are designed to get softer and softer with each wear and wash.

Gently swaddling little one in the first few months will help them feel safe and secure, helping baby to settle a little easier. Muslin is the best fabric for warmer weather, as it’s wider weave allows for more breathability, helping little one to regulate their temperature.

Little spills
A few muslins on hand to catch spills while burping, or to clean up any messes is a helpful essential. The absorbent organic cotton and generous size will make it much easier to catch and clean any mess. 

Keep covered
A popular use for muslins is to use them as a sunshade over prams or car capsules. Due to their breathable nature they are prefect for this, they even work as a great shade at the beach! Make sure the muslin is secured to the pram or capsule, and out of reach of your little one.   

For teething 
Another use for a muslin wrap is for a little DIY home teether. Around 6months+, wrapping a frozen piece of fruit, such as banana in lots of layers of muslin for little one to teethe on while in any discomfort. You can secure the piece with a hair band. Make sure little one is supervised while using this one.

You can shop our range of cotton, merino muslin wraps here. We love that our wraps can be used in so many different ways and we hope that you get lots of love and use in yours too! xx Nb