organic merino wool

why choose organic merino wool?

Nature Baby certified Organic Merino Wool is a perfect fabric for babies, which is why we use it to make our Nature Baby essentials range. It insulates, absorbs body moisture, stays warm even when wet, breathes and is soft and non-irritating. This is very important for sensitive skin and babies who still have fragile temperature control at an early age.

best for baby

Research at Cambridge University discovered that lambs wool has a soothing, swaddling effect on babies, resulting in better sleep, reduced stress, greater contentment and improved weight gain. Studies showing similar results were reported in the British Medical Journal, Lancet, and the Australian Medical Journal. Lying directly on lambs wool decreases a baby’s activity rate, producing a deeper, more restful sleep, and promoting a faster growth rate. For many years, hospitals in England, Australia, and New Zealand have used lambs wool pads to line incubators for premature and low birth weight babies.

super soft

Delicate babies’ skin needs the softest fabrics. The feel and touch of wool relates to how fine the fibre is, the finer the fibre the softer the fabric. At Nature Baby we searched for the softest that we could find so that whilst the fabric has all the amazing qualities of wool it also has the softest touch that fine merino has to offer.

how is our organic merino produced?

Organic sheep are fed certified organic stock feed, outdoors all year round, genetically engineered or modified feed is prohibited and drenching is done naturally. Organic wool production supports a positive holistic management system, which reduce or eliminate the need for most agricultural chemicals and promote healthy soil, air, waterways and humane animal practices. Healthy happy sheep, healthy happy babies.

why choose organic merino?

Nature Baby organic wool fibre is IMO (Institute for Marketecology) certified - a worldwide-accepted standard for ecological textiles. It is completely free of all chemicals e.g. scours, drenches, bleaches used in the wool process - which can contribute to wool sensitivity or wool allergy in some people. We carefully monitor the entire production process of our Organic Merino Range to ensure that high environmental and social criteria are being met to ensure we are providing parents with the assurance of high quality pure products.

Super fine essentials

Our super soft organic merino essentials range won’t tickle or itch and come in our core range of everyday basics. These lightweight garments keep your child warm in winter ready for rambling adventures.

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The perfect bootie

Our essential lambskin booties are the perfect way to keep those tiny toes toasty no matter the weather. Super soft, insulating and breathable. 

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Made from luxurious soft organic merino rib which holds its shape and stays super close to the body for extra warmth. Forming a second skin on your little one, perfect for layering, day or night.

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Hand knits

Our collection of soft organic handknits has a lovely classic knitted texture to keep your little one snug. These vests, cardigans and accessories keep your little one cosy in any weather.

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