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Natures Sway Organic Baby Hammock

One of our most popular products is now available in an organic version!

Sleeping babies in hammocks is a very traditional and effective method of settling babies as baby feels cradled and lulled just as they did in the womb. Many post-natal maternity wards are now realizing the benefits of using hammocks for infant care.

This hammock is the very latest design incorporating a bed shape which gently supports the natural C-curve of baby's spine. Because the hammock is quite hard to get out of, most babies would be in it for at least 4-6 months before they could potentially wriggle out. Many other babies have enjoyed the hammock for months more.

The hammock will save space and is portable. They are the ideal ‘transportable bed’ when visiting friends and family, giving your baby a sense of familiarity that is so crucial for good sleep.

The Hammock fabric is made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. Hemp plants are quick growing, naturally pest and disease resistant, they don’t need sprays. It is also the strongest and most durable natural fibre known. Naturally resistant to mould, its special water absorbency properties means it can hold moisture without feeling damp, keeping your baby warm and dry. Mixed with certified organically grown cotton, this fabric is soft, durable and free from harmful chemicals. Safe for your baby, good for the earth.

The hammock can be hung from any ceiling, beam or door frame and can support weight of up to 15 kgs / 33lb.

Each Hammock pack comes complete in a carry bag, and includes:

  • Organic hammock sling
  • A natural mattress filled with 100% New Zealand wool with a 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton outer.
  • 1 cotton fitted base sheet
  • 1 galvanised spring enclosed in a calico sleeve with built in safety strap
  • A waxed wooden beam that sits in place with the baby's weight
  • 2 ceiling screws to allow for the hammock to be hung in different places around the house
  • 1 50cm stainless steel chain with karabiner clips
  • 1 door frame clamp, making the hammock even more portable


Four-legged freestanding stands are also available - made from tubular metal with a gold passivate finish. They stand at 2 metres high and have a 116cm leg span. Packs down to 9 pieces under 1 metre long.

Please note the Natures Sway Hammock is excluded from our free shipping offer. It may not dispatch within our standard delivery time due to the way it is supplied to us. We will notify you by email with an expected delivery time after supplier confirmation.

Nature Baby offers 10% discount on multiple birth purchases.

Natures Sway Organic Baby Hammock